Océ Australia Launches New Colorwave 3000 Series

Océ Australia has announced the launch of its new generation Océ ColorWave 3000 series, a reliable, flexible and productive large format colour printing system, which it says has been designed specifically ‘for the creators’.

Dale Hawkins, Senior Manager – Indirect/Marketing for Océ Australia says the easy-to-use range is ideal for those looking for a productive, accurate and versatile printer that will help build business, save time…and put more money in their pockets.

The fourth generation of Océ’s CrystalPoint colour printers, the ColorWave 3000 series has a decade of proven technology behind it, providing businesses with reliable, repeatable, accurate output on a wide range of mono or colour applications where uncompromising quality is required.

“Using distinctive Océ TonerPearls, CrystalPoint brings together the best of toner and the best of inkjet to provide a versatile, precise and instantly dry print solution that is ideal for a wide range of media and applications,” Hawkins explains, saying the two models in the new series are ‘packed’ with smart, time-saving innovations and intuitive operational features.

“The ColorWave 3000 range has been designed to deliver both high productivity and unparalleled ease of use, with automated print quality settings that deliver reliable, ‘first-time-out’ quality and ‘set and forget’, intervention-free operation,” he says.

“The Océ ColorWave 3500 has been designed for worry-free, ‘walk up’ printing of CAD documents, plans, maps and the like, at the high level of precise detail required by corporates and businesses in sectors like architecture, engineering and construction.”

“Its stablemate, the Océ ColorWave 3700, provides higher media capacity and versatility, as well as superb rendering which captures every detail perfectly. This makes it the perfect choice for reprographic applications where that level of precision is a must, as well as superior, photo-quality graphics and other commercial digital print applications.”

As well as being so easy to use that even inexperienced operators can get outstanding, reliable results, both machines are exceptionally versatile, printing on a wide range of media from thin uncoated stocks like 80gsm bond to vinyls, without compromising on quality.

“CrystalPoint printing technology means that the image is totally independent of the media, so you can choose the right media for your application and be sure of getting consistent results,” Hawkins says. “Prints are delivered dry off the machine and are both robust and water resistant, giving them a certified archival lifetime of at least 100 years.”

Featuring the kind of benefits for which Océ has become renown among print service providers, Hawkins says the technical expertise and market experience of the Netherlands-based manufacturer is evident in every aspect of these machines.

“There’s Océ’s workflow software which makes job changes seamless, media capacity of up to six rolls for fast changeover between jobs without sacrificing productivity and even Océ ImageLogic scanning technology which turns imperfect originals into perfect prints using advanced image enhancement,” he says.

“On the 3700 Océ step it up even further with Océ MediaSense, which automatically adjusts the gap between the imaging device and the media, to ensure superb high quality output without manual adjustments.

“The result is a finely-tuned, beautifully engineered machine which will allow printers the ability to grow their applications volumes and expand their product range to capitalise on profitable new revenue streams while enjoying higher profit margins and faster return on investment.”

Add great environmental and OH&S credentials – CrystalPoint emits no fine dust, ozone or odour – and reliable, low-maintenance performance, backed by technical and service support from Océ Australia’s dedicated national team – and the new range ticks all the boxes.

“At the end of the day, building business success is about capitalizing on opportunities and building profitability,” Hawkins says. “With the poster printer option on the CW3700, you can move into the Graphic Arts applications while still maintaining your revenue from CAD prints using one single machine. The Océ ColorWave 3000 series, allows you to say ‘yes’ to more jobs, more often … and keep more dollars in your own pocket.”

The Océ ColorWave 3000 series are now available from Océ Australia. To learn more about the device, click here.

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